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Celebration of 13th Club Installation Ceremony

PUBLISHED : July 22, 2015

Celebration of 13th Club Installation Ceremony

On July 02, 2015, Rotary Cub of Kathmandu North East (RCKNE) celebrated its 13th Club Installatoin Program at Hotel Radisson in august presence of Cheif Guest District Governor Elect 2015 - 16 Rtn. Jaya RL Shah and Special Guest Assistant Governor Rtn. Retd. Col. L. B. Chand.

Here is some highlights of the Program:

President Rtn. Madhav, PP Rtn. Geeta and Treasurer Rtn. Meena warmly welcomed the Chief Guest DGE Rtn. Jaya RL Shah and Special Guest AG Rtn. Retd. Col. L. B. Chand with bouquets and Khatas upon their arrival. They also welcomed all the other guests and fellow Rotarians to the ceremony.

Opening of the 13th Installation Ceremony

MC Rtn. Sushil opened the ceremony by inviting President Rtn. Madhav Prasad Khakurel and his Spouse Rtn. Uma Khakurel, Chief Guest Rtn. DGE Jaya Rajya Laxmi Shah, Special Guest AG Rtn. Retd. Col. L. B. Chand, Charter President Rtn. Dr. Dinesh Pant, IPP Rtn. Bharat Prasad Pathak, Secretary Rtn. Tilak Thapa Magar.

MC Rtn Sushil also invited all the Past Presidents, Rotaract President, other Rotaracts, Guests, Anns and fellow Rotarians to take the front or respective seats.

National Anthems and Silent Invocation

As announced by MC Rtr Ashika, all the guests and fellow Rotarians sang the National Anthem followed by Silent Invocation of 30 seconds for the eternal peace of the departed souls of those who lost their lives due to the Earthquake devastation of April 25 May 12, 2015.

Welcome Address by President Elect Rtn. Bhawani Devkota

PE Rtn. Bhawani expressed deep gratitude to the District Dignitaries DGE Jaya Rajya Laxmi Shah, AG Retd. Col. LB Chand for accepting the invitation to be the Chief Guest and Special Guest in the event respectively. Similarly, she also extended the warm welcome to all the other guests and the fellow Rotarians for their valuable participation in the Ceremony.

Installation of President

After the presentation of the brief introduction of the President Rtn Madhav by IPP Rtn Bharat, the Chief Guest DGE Rtn. Jaya RL Shah officially installed Rtn. Madhav as President for RY 2015-16 by offering him the Presidents Collar and Pin. She also felicitated the First Lady Rtn Uma with khata and bouquet and administered Oath of Office to the President Rtn Madhav.

President Rtn Madhav called the meeting to order followed by his acceptance with full commitment to faithfully execute the duties of the office of President of the Club, support the District Governor Rtn Keshav Kunwar and Rotary International to the best of his ability and uphold the constitution and bylaws of the Club.

Introduction of / Oath by New Board

The President Rtn. Madhav introduced the new Board / Office Bearers and administered the Oath of Office to them. Special Guest AG Rtn Retd. Col LB Chand offered the Pins to the new Board.

Brief Addresses by IPP and President

IPP Rtn. Bharat extended warm congratulation to the new team for their successful tenure and expressed his commitment to support them in their endeavor towards betterment of the club and its members to the best of his ability.

As gesture of appreciation, President Rtn. Madhav felicitated IPP Rtn Bharat and his spouse Rtn Meena with bouquet. He also expressed deep appreciation to IPP Bharat and his team for their outstanding performance during their tenure in RY 2014-15: creation of significant fund, net growth and retention of the members, increase in PHF and MPHF giving to the Foundation, District recognition for the Earthquake relief works, etc.

Introduction of Chief and Special Guests

PP Rtn Dipak and PP Rtn Hemant presented the brief introduction of the Chief Guest DGE Rtn Jaya RL Shah and Special Guest AG Rtn Retd. Col. L.B. Chand.

Launching of New Website

RCKNEs mobile responsive website has been developed with the active efforts of Rtn. Tilak and his team. The Chief Guest DGE Rtn Jaya RL Shah launched the clubs, that was developed with the special efforts of Rtn Tilak and his team.

Address by Rotaract President, Charter President and Guests

President of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North East addressed the meeting and expressed his full commitment to join with the RC Kathmandu North East for the success of the community services undertaken by it.

Charter President Rtn. Dr. Dinesh Pant expressed his happiness for celebrating its 13th Installation Ceremony. He said Im always ready to play a guardianship role. He assured of his full cooperation and support at all times for the smooth operation of the club. He further assured to continue his support in resolving the critical issues of the club as and when they arise.

The Chief Guest DGE Rtn Jaya RL Shah and the Special Guest AG Rtn. Retd. Col. L. B. Chand expressed their deeply encouraging and insightful words for the club to move forward in proactive manner, Rise Above Self and ultimately BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD. They also extended best wishes to the club officers and the board for their successful tenure taking the club to a greater height, and expressed thanks for inviting them to this important event of the club.

Vote of Thanks

Secretary Rtn. Tilak, expressed special thanks to the Chief Guest DGE Rtn. Jaya Shah, Special Guest AG Retd. Col. Rtn. L. B. Chand for accepting an invitation as the Chief Guest and Special Guest for the 13th Installation Ceremony. He also extended thanks to all the other guests, fellow Rotarians including MC Rtr. Ashika for their presence and active participation that made the event a grand success.

Toast Proposal and Adjournment

President Rtn. Madhav proposed the Toast and adjourned the Installation and the meeting.

Weekly Guest Speaker

President Rtn. Larrie Winzar

Subject: Sharing the rich history and story of the Rotary Club of Bendigo

President Rtn. Larrie Winzar

As per our Work Calendar of Rotary Year 2015-16, on January 28, 2016, we have scheduled our Regular Weekly Meeting with Guest Speaker (s) from different classifications and vocational sectors.

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